StigmaZero Founder Featured on CBC Gem Documentary

On Friday, November 13th at 8:30pm, CBC will air the “Bipolar Disorder” episode of their documentary series “You Can’t Ask That – Season 2.” As with the first season, this innovative show “continues to confront prejudices and break down taboos in society in an authentic and relatable way.” There are 8 episodes in Season 2, covering topics ranging from growing up with a disability, living with parkinson’s, generalized anxiety disorder, being deaf, and more.

“You Can’t Ask That – Season 2” is also available for streaming. Click here to see all 8 episodes.

StigmaZero Founder, author, stigmafighter and mental health advocate, Jason Finucan, is honoured to be featured in the Bipolar Disorder episode. Filmed all over Canada last fall, the producers of YCAT Season 2 welcomed Jason to their Montreal studios in November, 2019, for filming.

YCAT follows a unique format, whereby candid questions submitted by Canadians about a poorly understood and often-stigmatized topic are answered by people living with that condition. In the Bipolar Disorder episode, each person being interviewed has been diagnosed with the illness and provides direct answers to all of the questions.

The result is a fascinating study into how a variety of Canadians are both living with this mental illness and the kind of questions average citizens are asking.

“I was thrilled to receive the invitation from the CBC and the YCAT producers. This show is an innovative and impactful way to address topics that will benefit from wider understanding in our society. As a mental health advocate who has been fighting mental illness stigma for years, this was an exciting opportunity.”

The final episode is a brilliant example of editing, with the answers from the several guests seamlessly woven together to create a cohesive whole. In a short, 22-minute episode a wide variety of myths, misconceptions, stigmas and general curiosity questions are answered in a clear way. Viewers will come away with a much greater understanding of the topic than they previously had.

For StigmaZero Founder, Jason Finucan, the experience only reinforced the need for specialized training around the complex topics of mental health, mental illness and stigma. A majority of the population has not yet developed the knowledge or skills to be truly comfortable having these difficult conversations. However, with the right training solutions, any individual and indeed any workforce can develop these skills and overcome this challenge.

If you would like to learn how StigmaZero’s custom live and online training solutions can help your company, contact us.

Jason Finucan
Founder of StigmaZero, Author & Instructor of the Create Your StigmaZero Workplace Program

I founded StigmaZero to help employers address the complex and challenging reality of mental illness stigma. We offer companies an innovative solution: our Create Your StigmaZero Workplace online program, which is designed to eliminate the negative impacts that stigma can have on your culture as well as the cost of lost productivity. This program creates real, lasting impact on your company’s ability to manage mental illness and stigma.

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