Declining mental health and the stigma of mental illness pose an expensive problem that hurts employees and undermines company culture.

Our innovative training programs provide employees, managers, HR personnel and leadership with the skills, knowledge and tools needed to better respond to these complex workplace challenges.

It All Starts With Training

Just like we need training to learn anything new, improving workplace mental health is a skill that needs to be taught and developed within an organization.

Awareness has brought attention to declining mental health in the workplace, but it is not enough. Companies need to take ACTION and provide their employees, managers, HR and leadership with the proper training to allow them to succeed in improving workplace mental health.

Once your workforce receives effective workplace mental health training, all other employee services – such as employee assistance programs, benefits and wellness initiatives – are far more likely to be utilized. Training will also help you build the right internal strategies to improve your response to mental illness, and ultimately eliminate stigma from your workplace.


Workplace mental illness and stigma is an expensive problem that hurts employees and ruins company culture.

Our innovative training programs provide employees, managers, HR personnel and senior leaders with the skills, knowledge and tools needed to better respond to this complex and challenging topic.

This, in turn, allows our clients to realize the many benefits of a stigma-free workplace:

✔ Reduce Presenteeism
✔ Increase Productivity
✔ Attract New Talent
✔ Empower Your Workforce
✔ Support Your Employees

Take Action and Build a Better Workplace Today:

“At Epidemic Sound, we chose to partner with StigmaZero because we care about the health and well-being of all our team members. Workplace mental health is an important issue for all employers to consider.

Based on feedback from our team members, StigmaZero’s training program offered a highly impactful learning experience. Now we have the knowledge and tools to have the difficult conversations necessary to work towards
ending the stigma.

I highly recommend not only StigmaZero’s training, but also their team of professionals who have delivered a great customer experience.”

Jessica Harless, People Partner, North America
Epidemic Sound

The Benefits of a Stigma-Free Workplace

  • Reduce Presenteeism
  • Increase Productivity
  • Support Your Employees
  • Attract New Talent
  • Empower Your Workforce
  • Improve Company Culture


The Create Your StigmaZero Workplace online training program provides your workforce with the training and tools needed to better respond to mental illness and, ultimately, eliminate stigma. Our innovative and engaging training is designed with specific learning tracks for employees, managers, and HR / senior leaders.

After completing our training, your team members will be equipped with the tools, knowledge and skills needed to minimize the impact of stigma while improving workplace mental health, as well as the associated costs and lost productivity.

Our program, which can be taken at your own convenience and in the comfort of your office or home, educates learners using the current best practices in pedagogy. Our content is accessible, entertaining, informative and impactful – and includes:

Video Guides

Our guided videos are not only informative, but engaging and entertaining.


Learners will be provided with tools, tips and other useful resources to help them in their skill development.

downloadable resources

Our program include downloadable PDF resources which provide learners with reference tools.

templates & Guidelines

HR personnel will be provided with templates and guidelines for the various HR policies needed to ensure a positive company-wide response to workplace mental illness.

Individual Activities

Our lessons include thought-provoking individual activities and reflection exercises to help reinforce the concepts learned throughout.

group activities

Our lessons also include group activities that can be completed with a colleague or your entire team.


Our program offers an interactive learning experience, which is a best practice for both learning and retaining knowledge.

Curated Content

Our program is based on rigorous research and include extensive curated content.

certificate of completion

After completing the Create Your StigmaZero Workplace program, learners will be provided with a certificate of completion.

A Few of StigmaZero’s Clients

1 in 4

People will experience a mental illness in their lifetimes.


Of managers reported not having training to intervene with employees showing signs of depression.

$925 billion

Cost in USD for the 12 billion workdays lost each year to mental illness.

Source: World Health Organization / IPSOS Reid


The prevalence of mental illness and the general decline in workplace mental health were already major challenges facing employers prior to the Covid-19 pandemic. In truth, our current reality poses a greater challenge to the workplace than most realize, resulting in lost productivity due to absenteeism, presenteeism, turnover and more. And all of these challenges are made worse by stigma.

Despite significant gains in awareness in recent years, mental health challenges as well as mental illnesses like clinical depression or anxiety disorder are still treated far differently than physical illnesses. This is caused by stigma and fear of discrimination, which results in confusion, isolation and lack of support. Consequently, far too many people are suffering in silence, avoiding treatment and trying to simply “soldier on.”

Now, more than ever, workplace mental health needs to be addressed. There is reason for optimism, however, because while mental illness can be treated, stigma can be cured.

Virtual Workshops

The Complete Manager’s Guide to Improve Workplace Mental Health

This interactive and impactful 3-hour virtual workshop will help your managers develop the knowledge and skills they need to properly respond to workplace mental illness. Led by StigmaZero Founder and mental health author Jason Finucan, this training solution offers managers the skills, knowledge and tools they need at this time.

The Complete HR Strategy to Improve Workplace Mental Health

This interactive and impactful 4-hour virtual workshop will help HR personnel of all levels develop the knowledge and skills they need to lead a company-wide transformation. Led by StigmaZero Founder, Jason Finucan, this training solution offers HR professionals the strategy, skills, knowledge and tools they need at this time.

“When MiQ embarked on our goal to focus on the mental wellbeing of our employees, we knew we had to start with normalizing the conversation about mental health and eliminating stigma.

Getting people to engage in training like this can be a challenge, but the personal storytelling of StigmaZero draws people in through lived experiences. The training also provides actionable tools to make real change within an organization. Many who went through the training engaged in further discussion and it opened up a new line of dialogue throughout our organization.

We have felt incredibly supported by the StigmaZero crew, above and beyond a simple business relationship and it is consistently apparent that they care most about eliminating stigma in as many places as possible.”

Sara Axelbaum (she/her)
Global Head of Inclusion and Diversity, MiQ

Customize Our Training
to Your Unique Needs

StigmaZero is pleased to offer custom training solutions to all our clients. We evaluate your needs and goals in order to build a custom training solution using our various offerings, from live to virtual to online training.

While our training is most effective when rolled out company-wide, we understand that different companies have unique needs and may want to deliver the training in different ways, for example: your employees with our online program, but have your managers, HR and senior leaders attend virtual workshops instead. Our keynotes and consulting services can be blended in, as well. Our goal is to deliver the result you need for your workplace.

In addition to utilizing our various offerings, we can also further customize your training to include content specific to your company, such as links to your EAP and other employee services, and more. We also offer fully white-labeled online training solutions.

By customizing our online training program to your unique needs, you increase the value of your investment.

Inspire Your Teams with
Keynotes by StigmaZero

Jason Finucan started speaking about how he overcame the stigma of mental illness in 2006, only a year after bipolar disorder almost destroyed his life. He hasn’t stopped since.

Over more than fifteen years, Jason has delivered hundreds of keynote addresses to thousands of attendees, and his goal has always been the same: to use his experiences to help individuals and employers overcome stigma and better manage mental illness in their lives and workplaces.

Jason’s unique and candid speaking style is guaranteed to impact your audience, opening their minds to complexities of mental health, mental illness and stigma.

Workplace Mental
Health Consulting

Are you developing a mental health strategy, but are unsure of where to start? Are you concerned about how to establish workplace mental health policies that are effective and sustainable? Do you want to audit your EAP to ensure it is free from structural stigma? Do you need help in dealing with specific instances of mental illness and/or related medical leaves in your workplace?

StigmaZero is here to help. With our extensive experience in the workplace mental health space, we bring a unique perspective.

“I have been working in mental health for over 25 years and I thought I was stigma-free about mental health. Having taken the program, however, I realize there is still work to do even for an experienced person like me. Your tools are simple and practical, as well.

For these reasons, I refer your program to my colleagues and insist that all managers of my direction take this training.”

Tung Tran
Associate Director, Mental Health
Jewish General Hospital