Start taking ACTION to improve mental health in your workplace.

StigmaZero Online Training Program

After this program, you will:

  • Develop proactive strategies to improve workplace mental health
  • Appropriately respond to declining mental health among team members
  • Develop your mental health core knowledge
  • Build your empathy and emotional intelligence
  • Respond effectively to stigma in the workplace
  • Know how to respond when a team member struggles with their mental health
  • Strategically promote a psychologically safe workplace
  • Utilize internal communications guidelines and email templates
  • Development of effective and sustainable policies and procedures

“When MiQ embarked on our goal to focus on the mental wellbeing of our employees, we knew we had to start with normalizing the conversation about mental health and eliminating stigma.

Getting people to engage in training like this can be a challenge, but the personal storytelling of StigmaZero draws people in through lived experiences. The training also provides actionable tools to make real change. Many who went through the training engaged in further discussion and it opened up a new line of dialogue.

In addition, it is consistently apparent that the StigmaZero team cares most about eliminating stigma in as many people and places as possible.”

Sara Axelbaum (she/her)

Global Head of Inclusion and Diversity, MiQ

“I have been working in mental health for over 25 years and I thought I was stigma-free about mental health. Having taken the program, however, I realize there is still work to do even for an experienced person like me. Your tools are simple and practical, as well.

For these reasons, I refer your program to my colleagues and insist that all managers of my direction take this training.”

Tung Tran

Associate Director, Mental Health, Jewish General Hospital