The Importance of Mental Health During the COVID-19 Crisis

The challenge presented by the COVID-19 pandemic is unlike anything most of us have ever faced. In addition to the fear of how the disease will impact our loved ones, some of whom are at greater risk of falling seriously ill, we are dealing with ever-increasing restrictions on our movements. For many, our jobs are at risk, on pause, or suddenly changed to working from home. All while the global economy reels with the effects of an unprecedented slowdown.

Scary times, indeed. We could all use some comfort – but the need for social distancing, which is vital to slow the spread of COVID-19, impedes even that.

All of this raises a very real concern for the mental health of individuals as well as the overall mental health of workplaces. It is only natural for the added fear, anxiety, financial strain and general uncertainty to take a toll. And, while everyone is trying to simply survive this crisis it will be all too easy for mental health to fall down the priority list.  

But that is exactly the opposite of what everyone, and every company, should be doing. During times of extreme stress, mental health is absolutely essential – as is the early identification of the onset of a mental illness. There is a real need for everyone to learn more about mental illness and mental health, and that need is higher right now than ever before. 

Another major concern is that of self-stigma, which is all too common. When a person suddenly experiences the symptoms of a mental illness such as depression or anxiety, it is extremely easy for them to apply all the stigma, fear and lack of knowledge towards themselves. This can be paralyzing and very dangerous, as people who need help won’t seek it.

We would like to help. 

StigmaZero offers online training programs designed to help companies take preventative action to improve mental health in the workplace.

By eliminating stigma and teaching employees and managers how to respond to mental health challenges, StigmaZero helps companies create a healthier, more inclusive and productive workplace.

In response to the unique challenges currently faced by all individuals and employers, we have created a special version of our comprehensive online program and are making it available for free for anyone interested in learning more about mental health and taking steps to reducing the stigma that surrounds it.

While the program is entirely free for individuals, if you are interested in offering this program, or more in-depth training, to your entire organization please reach out to me directly at and we will find an easy, cost effective way for you to roll this out.

Mental Health 101 – At Home and in the Workplace 

This engaging and impactful online training program will help anyone improve their mental health literacy. Focusing on the topics of stigma, mental health, mental illness and how we can all improve, we hope Mental Health 101 will inspire you to end the stigma of mental illness as well as find ways to improve your overall mental health.

We hope this free training tool will help you, both as an individual and as a member of a workplace. If you enjoy this free program and would like to reap the benefits of our full, comprehensive Create Your StigmaZero Workplace, we are here to help. 

Our full program has three learning tracks with customized content including valuable tools and resources for employees, managers and senior leaders / HR personnel and is designed to help companies better respond to workplace mental illness and stigma while realizing the many benefits of a StigmaZero workplace. Those benefits include reduced presenteeism (which results in a reduction of lost profits), improved workplace morale, the ability to retain and attract top talent and overall company reputation.

If you would like to access this online program, contact us.


Workplace mental illness and stigma is an expensive problem that hurts employees and ruins company culture. If you would like to learn more about how your company can better respond to workplace mental illness and stigma, contact us and visit our website at

Jason Finucan
Founder of StigmaZero, Author & Instructor of the Create Your StigmaZero Workplace Program

I founded StigmaZero to help employers address the complex and challenging reality of mental illness stigma. We offer companies an innovative solution: our Create Your StigmaZero Workplace online program, which is designed to eliminate the negative impacts that stigma can have on your culture as well as the cost of lost productivity. This program creates real, lasting impact on your company’s ability to manage mental illness and stigma.

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